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Read Dr. Vivian's story and the story of the creation of Zilch Acne Formula
Dr Vivian Tam

Dr. Vivian Tam is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine with a passion for all things skin health. She is a trusted industry expert in Chinese Medicine Dermatology and is also Melbourne’s leading Cosmetic Acupuncturist.

Dr Vivian Tam is a highly respected industry leader and educator in the Australian Cosmetic Acupuncture industry, running seminars across Australia to educate practitioners and students and is highly regarded for her experience, knowledge and expertise in this field. She is a registered practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Registration board of Australia, Australian Health Regulation Agency and an accredited member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).

Her Story

“I suffered from acne as a teenager and went through the typical pubescent frustrations with my skin. These skin issues bothered me all the way into my 20’s with no luck in finding a real, long term solution to my pimply problems.

When I started working as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, I had access to all the Chinese herbal ingredients my heart could desire (yes, herbs are kind of a love and passion for me!), and I started treating my health, system and skin.  Within weeks my skin was almost completely clear, and years later, my skin is still in great health.

My father is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine doctor, so I grew up with the interest in it as a child, but this was what led me to focus on the skin health and dermatology side of things. Fast forward to today, and I am treating patients day in and day out with their skin issues and acne problems, helping them achieve their dream of healthy, clear skin.

I could not be happier in what I do as it is so rewarding to be able to help provide a real solution to people that have tried everything without success.

My passion in Chinese Medicine and skin health has opened up doors to create my dream product: Zilch Acne Formula.”

The creation of Zilch

The results in Dr. Vivian’s clinic were obvious: an over 90% success rate tracked over nearly 2 years in helping reduce and clearing acne in her patients.

She was overwhelmed by some of the results that she was getting with her patients and excitedly thought about how many people she could help with this difficult and stubborn skin disease.

She had an effective solution and wanted to be able to help more people- people across Australia and worldwide, not just people that came in to see her at her clinic. So, overnight, the dream of an all-natural acne formula tablet, Zilch, was born.

And the mission was simple: to help everyone achieve real results in clear skin, naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals or drugs.

Dr. Vivian Tam spent the next 18 months working on the formula and getting it approved by the TGA (Therapeautic goods Administration, Australian Government Authority responsible for regulating medicines). When the formula got granted approval, the dream became a reality.

We are so excited with our amazing product and so thrilled to share the dream of clear skin naturally, with you.

Love your naturally clear skin with Zilch Acne Formula

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