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Before Zilch 2 Weeks on Zilch 6 Weeks on Zilch

2 week progress: “I have struggled with adult acne which flares up with stress and hormonal changes. For the past year I have read so many reviews and tried so many “miracle” products and had no results. After two weeks of using Zilch I can see that my skin is changing. My breakouts are only on my neck and jawline and the cystic breakouts have diminished. I am now able to concentrate on healing my skin rather than attacking it with harsh products.”

6 week progress: “I wanted to share my progress with you – I had forgotten how bad my skin was before Zilch and opening this email reminded me. It’s unbelievable how much my skin has improved. Now I have ZERO cystic bumps, not even any normal pimples and minimal blackheads. I have a little scarring, but it will heal in time.
Thank you so much for making this incredible product. “


Before Zilch 1 bottle of Zilch (over 4 months)

I actually heard about Zilch a few months before I tried it. My partner wanted me to wait for my dermatologist appointment to see if her treatments worked. How wrong I was to wait!! I often wonder how much better my scarring would have been. I’m in the UK and our NHS treatments are limited she really wanted me to try roaccutane and differin. but I can honestly say at this point I was suicidal and as a Mother I didn’t want to take the extra risk. I tried the differin and antibiotics but nothing changed it actually got worse as it brought everything to the surface. When I left an extremely stressful job and started having acupuncture twice a week things improved a lot, but not enough. So I tried Zilch and here I am 4 months on! I have had 4 chemical peels and 1 session of microneedling for scarring. No side effects, no roaccutane and no new breakouts. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend that everyone give this a go before roaccutane and especially eliminate stress.


Before Zilch After 1 bottle on Zilch

So I’ve finally finished my first bottle of Zilch and I am so happy with my results! Although it didn’t completely STOP my flare ups (I mean it was only one bottle after all!!) it has made such a HUGE difference to how quickly my cysts have calmed down.
Before Zilch, my cystic acne would multiply so quickly but with Zilch incorporated into my routine they have calmed almost instantly, shrinking to half the size by the next morning! No more multiplying and no more soreness/redness like before. An absolute miracle for my inflammation! As you can see in the photos, my face also looks so much smoother and brighter now.

When I first got acne I was so stressed, anxious and self conscious, that I hid myself away for months. I no longer socialised with friends, and when I did, hiding my acne was always on the forefront of my mind. After discovering your company within the incredibly acne community on Instagram, I can now say that I have grown to become confident within my own skin again.

Acne can become so physically, mentally and emotionally challenging at times, that I don’t think you can truly understand or empathise with until you have gone through it yourself. I certainly didn’t. Going through this has allowed me to focus more on supporting those who are silently struggling through the stigma of acne.

To have a fully natural and caring company like yours to support me on my natural skincare journey is amazing. So thank you for all of your time spent researching and developing this natural formula for people who believe nature provides all.


Before Zilch 8 Weeks on Zilch

I just want to say a massive thank you, I have hormonal acne for 15 years and I’m also on the pill. Dealing with PCOS & Endometriosis and having acne whilst on the pill is so frustrating and I’ve tried everything, I’m onto my second bottle and it’s helped so much!!! I can’t wait to get off the pill & continue to take it. It’s actually worked and I’m still in shock. I’ve had compliments off my boyfriend that my skin is so much better!!!


Before Zilch 3 Weeks on Zilch

After taking Zilch for 3 weeks, my skin has changed drastically. This is a huge victory for me and I seriously can’t believe I finally found something that worked. After stopping birth control in November 2017 I got acne and since then I’ve tried all the skincare products under the sun, I avoided certain foods, and nothing helped. I was desperate and after one year I started to feel hopeless. I’ve spent so much money and I almost hesitated in buying zilch because of it, but I knew I couldn’t give up. I would get cysts that were so painful and would last for 2/3 weeks at a time and as soon as they healed I would get new ones. Now, I can finally say my skin has cleared up, and I can just focusing on healing my scars. This is all thanks to Zilch. Thank you for giving me hope again and make a product that works!


2 Weeks on Zilch 5 Weeks on Zilch

I never had issues with bad skin throughout my teenage years, but when I went on the IUD contraception everything changed. I developed hormonal acne, and I’ve spent the past two years trying all products and skincare treatments on the market, and thousands of dollars, trying to fix it but without much progress.

I was recommended Zilch and after only 2 weeks I started seeing results! I’ve just started my 5th week and I’m barely getting any new breakouts and all my underlying congestion is gone. Finally my skin is completely smooth and getting good enough for me to deal with my scars. Oh the feeling of not having to wear make up all the time!! This product truly has done wonders to my confidence, and Zilch I can’t thank you enough xx”


Before Zilch 4 Weeks on Zilch

The photo on the left was taken a month ago and the photo on the right is my face now. Before purchasing the zilch acne tablets my face was filled with large, red cysts that hurt really bad. Also, I had a rough, uneven texture. I have tried everything from drugstore to high end products and nothing worked. I was actually inspired by @prettyprogress23. I saw her before and after photos and instantly bought the zilch tablets and to my surprise it has worked wonders on my skin. I finished a whole bottle and recently got my second bottle today. I finished a whole bottle of zilch after seeing results. The zilch tablets improved my skin texture, redness, and most importantly cleared my cystic acne. I am so pleased with the results and will continue to use zilch. Lastly, I can finally go out without any makeup on. I have gotten my confidence back. Thank you zilch for creating such a miracle product!


Before Zilch 6 Weeks on Zilch

I have had acne since I was 14 years old and birth control was the only way I was able to suppress it for so many years. I decided last year to detox from the pill, and found that my hormonal, cystic acne came back even worse than before. It was so bad that I just wanted to hide in my house all day. I spent so much money trying every new cream and supplement that was even remotely related to clearing acne, and would also be so disappointed when they didn’t work. When I finally got my hands on zilch it was a miracle, my face cleared up within a couple weeks, I would still get around a pimple a week, but that was nothing compared to having 3-4 new pimples a day like before. Combined with a good diet and skin care routine, zilch has cleared my acne and now all that is left is clearing my hyper pigmentation and scarring. I am so thankful that this amazing product exists, I don’t know where I would be without it!


Before Zilch After 4 bottles of Zilch

I have suffered with adult acne for 2.5yrs after coming off the pill. It is painful, embarrassing and causes my anxiety to heighten and self confidence to plummet.

I live a very healthy lifestyle. Mostly plant based clean and healthy diet, drink 2-3L p/day and try my hardest to live a stress free, healthy lifestyle. I have tried every natural skin care product I have found but nothing worked to clear my acne.
I spend a fortune on natural makeup to hide my acne and scarring so I can face the world each day.

I visited a dermatologist in January and enquired about blue light laser therapy. But my enquiry was shut down and met with a suggestion for prescription medication or harsh topical treatments even though I was firm that I didn’t want any medication or chemical/pharmaceutical treatment. They finally suggested blue light therapy MAY work at a cost of over $3000 but there was no guarantee. I left there in tears feeling disheartened that I am going to live with acne for the rest of my life unless I when down the pharmaceutical road.

Then I found Zilch. I thought what the hell. $139 is nothing compared to $3000 and the thousands I’ve spent already on skin care and makeup.
I ordered my first bottle and started taking Zilch on January 20th 2018.

At first, I did notice after 2 weeks my acne was healing faster than normal and not as many painful breakouts. I ordered another bottle. After 8 weeks taking 4x tablets twice daily and photographing my results weekly – I hadn’t noticed much more change.
I contacted Zilch to discuss and find out what was wrong or what I could do. I received prompt and caring customer service from Dr Vivian. Although she thought initially Zilch may just not work for me, she did suggest I keep going given I had seen a very small improvement. So I ordered my third bottle.

Still the same after another 4 weeks. A small improvement but I was still having breakouts. Except now instead of daily, they were every few days and not as painful or bad. I ordered a 4th bottle.

Finally 5 months later I am starting to see big results now. I have reduced the dosage to just 4x tablets once p/day to see what would happen if I reduced it. And I’m still good!!! Yes, I am still getting breakouts, but nowhere near as many. They are not as painful, deep or inflamed as they once were. And they heal a lot faster (combined with good natural skincare products to assist)

Although I think my journey has taken a lot longer than Zilch suggests, I do believe Zilch has helped my skin repair and heal. Now I am left with a lot of scarring that I would like to improve. However I am now wearing less makeup and feel like I can step out the door without wearing any makeup and not have a panic attack about the way I look.


Before Zilch 3 Weeks on Zilch

So just a background, I’ve had acne since I was in 6th grade but its just the normal teenage acne. It got worse when I was in 10th grade and thankfully, it healed because of derma prescriptions. from 11th grade to mid 12th grade I had clear skin and the occasional acne when its my time of the month. In November 2018, it came back gradually. I didn’t know what to do so I tried different products. Like literally everything! I went back to my derm and saw minimal progress then I was scrolling through IG and saw Liz’s acne journey. I was skeptical at first because it might not work for me again but luckily, this time it did. Slow progress is still progress indeed! I will keep on taking zilch tablets and after the acne has completely subsided, i’ll only take the tablets for maintenance. Thank you, Zilch! It has done wonders to my skin and my confidence as well. Much love!


Before Zilch 8 Weeks on Zilch

For a while I used to suffer from really bad acne and tried everything to get rid of it. My mum had bought me just about everything under the sun that as meant for clearing acne, but nothing worked. Some days I would come home from school crying to mum because I felt so self-conscious about my skin. After we thought we’d tried earthing my mum booked an appointment with our doctor for a prescription to et antibiotics, however because my mum was so adamant to not have to down that road she began researching for a different alternative to antibiotics. And that’s when we found @zilchacne, to be completed honest I thought I was going to be like everything else I had tried, but just after 2 weeks I’d already started to see results. 2 bottles later and all my acne had cleared, and my scarring had begun disappearing too. I could not recommend zilch enough to anyone who suffers with breakouts or scarring, the team at Zilch are so nice and caring and only want to help achieve clear, beautiful skin.


Before Zilch 4 Weeks on Zilch

I just wanted to send over my progress with your product. I started using Zilch one month ago a so wanted something natural to help with my cystic acne on my cheeks. I had a really bad flare up and was desperate. The photos speak for themselves but I’m so impressed with Zilch as my acne has calmed down dramatically! When I do get a pimple it heals a lot faster and isn’t so inflamed. I’m so thankful for your product and have been raving about you to my friends who have acne.


Before Zilch 8 Weeks on Zilch

I would just like to share my results and give a huge shout out to this Natural Product, which has been a miracle product for my skin! After getting sick a few months ago, my Acne began to worsen. I’ve tried many many things, including facials, skincare, OCP, antibiotics and 3 rounds of high dose Accutane Medication. It just left me feeling worse, both physically and mentally. Being an female in my late 20s, I didn’t really expect I’d have to deal with anything like this, so I decided to give Zilch a go after making a decision to treat my body in a more holistic and natural way.

I am amazed at the results I’ve had from Zilch! I started taking Zilch at full dose (8 tabs a day) for the first month, as recommended. I saw results within the first 2 weeks – inflammation was decreased, new breakouts were reducing and I could see and feel a difference. I was so impressed, I continued with the same dose for another month, so this is 2 months progress at 8 tabs a day! Look at the difference! In only 8 weeks! I am so much more confident in my skin, my physical and mental health has improved so much and I don’t have active breakouts anymore. I cannot thank Dr Vivian Tam enough for developing such an amazing natural product! For anybody who is uncertain about giving Zilch a go…don’t wait, you won’t regret it.


Before Zilch After Zilch

Zilch has been life changing for me. I have suffered from acne since I was 14 and now 16 years later and I have found something that really works and isn’t harming my body. I have been prescribed 3 seperate 6 months rounds of accutane throughout the years and many antibiotics and contraceptive pills. These remedies only gave me temporary results. It’s nearly been a year since I started and the breakouts are few and far between. I have also noticed the condition of my nails and hair improve which is an awesome bonus. I would recommend this product to everyone!


Before Zilch 4 Weeks on Zilch

Here are my results in one month and as you can see the tablets did wonder for my skin. It is so soft and no more texture from cystic acne. I have two- three pimples, but I will opt for another bottle for a good result. I want to say that, I highly recommend this product to anyone, because it is natural and it works.

I hope that all your clients will make you happy with their results, because your effort made us happy as well.


Before Zilch 7 Weeks on Zilch

Before trying Zilch, I tried many different medications, topical treatments and expensive skincare products to try to reduce my acne and found that only antibiotics seemed to help. I didn’t want to have to keep taking antibiotics for long periods and wanted to avoid taking Roaccutane so I was looking for a more natural solution and heard about Zilch through instagram. I didn’t notice much of a difference in my skin after the first bottle (which lasted 4 weeks taking 4 tablets twice a day), but after about the 7th week (after photo) I noticed that I was getting fewer breakouts and my acne was clearly less inflamed. I am still breaking out at that time of the month and still have small bumps / clogged pores around my cheeks and forehead but have definitely seen an overall improvement in acne. I am just finishing my second bottle and my skin is not completely cleared up so I will most likely continue to see if my acne improves further.

Reviews from Happy Customers

I started using your product a few weeks ago and I have already seen a huge improvement in my skin. I suffered for probably the last 12 months with acne around the jawline and chin areas which I put down to hormones. Every morning I’d wake up with a new pimple on my chin. Very frustrating and irritating. Now after 2 weeks I wake up pleasantly surprised to find that no new pimples have popped up! Will definitely continue using!”


So far so good

I just wanted to thank all the amazing team at Zilch so much. I used to have really bad acne on my T-Zone and since using Zilch for nearly 2 months my acne has cleared and my scarring has begun disappearing too. Thank you so much, you have honestly changed my life!


Thank you so much, you have honestly changed my life!

I have been taking this for two weeks and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in hormonal breakouts, have been getting them since having babies. Thank you for an amazing product!


Thank you for an amazing product!

My skin hasn’t been so clear.. in only couple of days! I have been really hot and sweating… would this be the “damp heat” leaving my body?


I just got these and all I can say is wow!!

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