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Zilch Acne Formula

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Zilch Acne Formula by Dr. Vivian Tam is a 100% natural, Chinese Medicine herbal supplement designed for acne. Its powerful blend works on healing the skin from the inside out to provide a real,long term solution to problematic skin.

Zilch Acne Formula has taken the world by storm; all the positive feedback through reviews and sales is SO exciting, so first and foremost, we’d like to thank every Zilch customer for their support!

  • All natural – 100% Chinese herbal medicine active ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals, drugs or preservatives
  • Developed by Dr. Vivian Tam, industry leading and registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine
  • Safe and effective long term results
  • No gluten
  • Cruelty free, and vegan.
  • One bottle contains 30 – 60 day dose (240 x 750mg tablets)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to ship to some countries. International shipping to certain regions is currently closed due to border closures, grounded freight vehicles and length customs & quarantine delays.

It is important for us to inform our customers of lengthy delays in shipping to international countries, and slight delays within our Australian shipping network. We are working closely with our shipping carriers to provide the best and fastest service and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

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How Zilch Works

Reduce Inflammation and Heat

Zilch calms the heat and inflammation that causes swelling, redness and itching. Heat in the body venting through the skin as pimples is similar to how earth’s core heat would cause volcano eruptions.

Remove Toxins

Zilch supports the body to eliminate toxin build up that can cause breakouts

Boost Blood Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to blockages, stagnation and swelling, resulting in deeper and sore nodules. Ingredients in Zilch encourage blood circulation to stop this stagnation from happening.

Promote Healing

Ingredients in Zilch help support healthy tissue repair and promote healing.

Commonly Asked Questions

Medical Warnings

Individuals taking anticoagulants or individuals at risk of bleeding problems should seek medical advice before taking Zilch.

Do not use if pregnant or likely to become pregnant and please consult your medical practitioner before starting on Zilch if you are breastfeeding.

Please review all ingredients before taking Zilch if you have any known allergies, and if you are unsure, seek medical advice from your medical pracitioner before using Zilch.

Zilch may assist with:

  • Deep under-the-skin, painful acne
  • Whiteheads (pimples that come to a head)
  • Acne resulting from coming off the pill
  • Hormonal acne
  • Adult acne on jawline, chin, cheeks and temples
  • Stubborn acne that has not responded to other treatments
  • Body acne (chest, back, shoulders, buttocks)
  • Closed comedones (clogged skin)


Zilch is made up only of 17 herbal ingredients, and potato starch in the granulation process. No added preservatives, chemicals or nasties!

Prunus persica, Carthamustinctorius, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Hedyotisdiffusa, Angelica dahurica, Gleditsiasinensis, Viola yedoensis, Taraxacum mongolicum, Lonicera japonica, Phellodendronamurense, Paeoniasuffruticosa, Gardenia florida, Gentianascabra, Scutellariabaicalensis, Zingiberofficinale, Angelica polymorpha, Glycyrrhizauralensis, Starch-Potato.


Take recommended dose away from food – allow at least 20 minutes on either side of a meal before taking Zilch.

If you are sensitive, try taking Zilch 20 minutes after a meal.

Mild Acne Dosage MILD: Take 2 tablets, twice a day.
Moderate Acne Dosage MODERATE: Take 3 tablets, twice a day.
Severe Acne Dosage WORSE: Take 4 tablets, twice a day.

How is Zilch made?

Zilch Acne Formula is batch made from scratch when we place an order with our manufacturers.

Raw herbs have to be sourced, and then go through stringent quality testing before they can be processed.

The extraction process to transform it from a raw herb into a tablet form is made up of many stages. It then needs to go through another few rounds of testing, before its passed and released for dispatch.

Once it’s dispatched from the factory, it is freighted to us in Australia and must pass customs and quarantine checks before being delivered to our warehouse.

This whole process can take up to 4 months, but it does make for a very specialised product.

And as they always say… good things come to those who wait!

Shipping around the world

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Shipping around the World
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More Frequently Asked Questions

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